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About us

Serenity Residential Care is a social and human services organization, incorporated in the state of Maine, that specializes in providing residential and community-centered support services to adults with cognitive, intellectual, psychological, and physical disabilities. Every program is uniquely conceived to provide for the distinctive needs of members residing in our home. Clinical professionals, guardians, caseworkers, the management team, and our staff use an all-inclusive style to promote the health and safety for every member of our program and to support them in living their lives to their full potential.

Caring with a smile

Our services are not only professional, it's the dedication that originates from the true caring and devotion to people in need.

Attentive listener

You can share anything with us, we're willing to hear and give you sincere advice from both professional and humane views.

Qualified Direct Support Professionals

Our DSPs are professionals, dedicated, responsible individuals who share our values and are committed to making a difference.

Our Team

Alexis Semuhoza
David Ruhara
Roger Ruganzu
Georges Budagu Makoko
Claude Sebashi
Maxwell Haney
Cindy Sackett
Challa Tekalu
Robert Hyer

Our Vision

Serenity Residential Care envisions a community that is aspiring and working together for a bright future for all its members.

Our Mission

Serenity Residential Care’s mission is to serve people with intellectual disabilities and cognitive disorders by providing them with a healthy and safe environment. We strive to empower members who have behavioral disabilities to achieve their day-to-day goals and to help them gain access to available community resources, in a safe and enjoyable manner.

Our goal

Serenity Residential Care, LLC, is a human services agency dedicated to supporting people with intellectual disabilities and cognitive disorders to maintain a safe and healthy life in a community, rather than in a nursing or mental health facility.

Our goal is to provide beautiful and comfortable homes with 24/7 staff support. This service helps our members be part of a community where everyone is cared for with respect and dignity, and where everyone enjoys life in its abundance. Serenity Residential Care is dedicated to maintaining the safety of all members in our programs and to making sure they have the support they need while out in the community and in our homes. We currently maintain beautiful and very convenient homes in Windham, Westbrook, and South Portland.

Moreover, Serenity Residential Care works with each member on an individual care and living plan based upon each person’s specific needs. We strongly believe that everyone has undeniable potential that he or she should be able to explore. Our approach is Person-Centered Planning, which helps our members explore and use their own individual talents and opportunities.

We train our staff to embrace the cause of devoting themselves to assisting each of our members. We support our residents as they make choices regarding their safety and the well-being of the Serenity Cares community, as valuable and contributing members of their community at large.

Our Core Values

At Serenity Residential Care, we strongly believe that every individual has the capacity to achieve his or her life goals and to aspire to a bright future.

We value and respect every human being, regardless of mental health status, and we believe in equality for all. Every person must be safe and must learn ways to contribute to the safety of others. Serenity Residential Care strives to help our members who, for different reasons, are unable to make prudent judgments. We want everyone in our community to be safe, while taking their rights into consideration. We support our members in accessing community resources so that they may enjoy life.

Our Philosophy

Serenity Residential Care, LLC, is tailored to meet the needs of people who face challenges in independent living. Our trained staff keep our members safe, whether they are out in the community or in one of our appropriate residential homes. Our philosophy is based on the principles of Hope, Safety and Empowerment.


People with mental disabilities are often viewed as people without dreams or aspirations for the future. This misconception limits the growth and ability of this population to plan for their futures. At Serenity Residential Care, we strongly believe that all people should have the opportunity to make their dreams a reality.


Sometimes we serve people who present a high risk to themselves and to others. At Serenity Residential Care, our first goal is to keep these individuals safe when they are out in the community and in their homes. Our experienced and trained staff provide 24/7 supervision for our members, help them make good judgments, and encourage them to request help whenever needs arise.


Every person has inherent capacities and abilities that shouldn’t be disregarded. At Serenity Residential Care, we encourage and help all members of our programs to explore their capacities and to use them in positive ways. To meet this goal, Serenity Residential Care supports its members in various capacities, depending on each and everyone’s potential. Our philosophy is to support them in performing their daily life skills in a healthy and safe environment.

Code of Conduct

Serenity Residential Care expects our management team and employees to demonstrate the highest standards of conduct in all matters related to supporting our members. Our Code of Conduct establishes these principles that both the management team and staff are expected to observe
Fulfill required duties to our members with professionalism and integrity.
Perform daily duties honestly, faithfully, and efficiently, respecting the rights of our members.
Provide support service with one goal in mind: enhancing the quality of life for all our members
Building strong relationships and partnerships with family members, guardians, and state and federal regulators in order to provide the best quality services that our members deserve.

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