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David Ruhara

David Ruhara

Finance Director


Geology/Mineral Resources


Fluent English
Fluent French
Fluent Kinyarwanda
Fluent Swahili
Fluent Lingala


David was born in Democratic Republic of Congo. At age 28, he went into exile in Rwanda because of the political unrest in his home country. In early 1999, he immigrated to Canada, where he pursued studies in Geology/Mineral Resources, and spent 10 years in mining. He is a member of the Association of Professional Geologists of Quebec, Canada. In March 2016, David moved to Maine where he now lives with his family. He has worked in the financial field as an insurance agent since June 2016.

With this knowledge and experience, David moved into the role of Quality Assurance Coordinator for Serenity Residential Care in June 2019, where he has implemented systems of accountability related to documentation. He closely collaborates with the staff and executive management, as well as all team members. Further, David is Serenity’s administrator of Therap software for all progress notes in all our programs, setting up and monitoring users, generating reports, reconciling billing matters, and monitoring documentation to assure contract and regulatory compliance and quality standards.