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Clinical Supports

Serenity Residential Care creates safe residential living opportunities that are supported by structured programming and managed by professional staff who work with our clients to assist them in defining and achieving their individual goals. Our clinical staff is a highly educated (doctoral or masters-level) group of psychologists, nurses, and social workers. They work with allied health providers to provide the best medical and behavioural health care available to our clients, many of whom have unique and challenging clinical profiles.

Our clinical staff work to thoroughly understand each and every client as best as possible. What develops and results from this understanding is accurate evaluations, effective behaviour plans, and meaningful programming services. However, a plan is never final. We continuously re-evaluate and update plans as our clients experience personal growth. Our program managers are then trained to apply the plans, consistently, in the homes.

Individuals with an elevated criminal or forensic profile will receive specialized clinical services, such as trauma-informed therapy, forensic consultations, and other risk-focused interventions. The services are designed to support our clients as well as to protect the community. Ultimately we believe that within every client exists the potential for continued growth. Our goal is to provide support services that enable a rich life full of activity and opportunity for every client.

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